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Lynk AI is a cutting-edge cloud communication technology that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses manage their conversations.

To ensure safe operations and the privacy of user data, Lynk AI adheres to secure standards and compliance.

Lynk AI is a carrier-grade telephony platform that allows subscribers to route calls from anywhere in the United States to a dedicated phone number.
Within our interactive voice system, every phone number has numerous call paths to manage inbound calls.
Subscribers with Lynk AI can direct calls to internal or external extensions or configure specific Media or Messages to play.
Call recording, datasets, and search functions can be enabled for all numbers, allowing audio or text to be used for training and developing or refining A.I. response systems.
Lynk AI will listen and reply to caller requests when AI is configured. The Lynk AI model involves varied levels of Natural language processing and Machine Learning features
Lynk AI can also work with existing numbers by transferring them to our network, which gives them access to all of the platform's features.

Lynk AI can be utilized in any sector that requires the features listed below.

  • Interactive Voice Responses.
  • Order Capturing.
  • End to End Order/Sales/Call Management.
  • SMS Ordering.
  • Text to Speech Generation.
  • Peak Time Order Management.
  • Shopify Integrations for ordering.

Lynk AI benefits if your business needs

  • Business Availability - Around the clock.
  • Call Filtration (Allow the good calls, block the spam).
  • Routing Incoming calls to the right department.
  • Obtain a separate business number.
  • Be creative with Vanity numbers.
  • Call Forwarding by choice.
  • Keep your amount of the sale. (We don’t commission your sale).
  • The machine will train itself to handle calls better.
  • Greet with a virtual smile and improve your company image.
  • Reduce wait time on calls.
  • SMS orders - Start to payments.
  • Leverage API and Caller ID to identify callers.
  • Integrate a fully automated ordering platform into a POS system (API license required).

Unlike other platforms that are rigid in their design, Lynk AI is an economical and highly customizable solution. Our system is built to handle an increasing number of bespoke APIs and Use Cases.
A team of experts at Lynk AI is ready to alter and personalize the solution to meet the needs of a wide range of Small/Medium/Enterprises.

Lynk AI is a user-friendly self-service model platform. Users can register online, choose and activate a new phone number, and route that call in real-time within minutes. Once a Subscriber has chosen their phone number, they can immediately begin using the call forwarding and call recording features to screen incoming calls. Our staff is available to assist with the advanced functionality of creating a multi-layered IVR or Call Flow that caters to each customer's specific requirements.

ACCOUNT:  Have Questions?

You can change your password by clicking the forgot password link on the login page or going to your account's profile settings.

There could be multiple reasons for your account to be inaccessible,

  1. You're a sub-user, and your account was set to inactive by your business administrator (Suspension)
  2. You have forgotten your username or password.
  3. Payment - Our system includes an automatic payment method; if no action is made in response to the notifications after a specified number of days, your account will be blocked.

You can contact the support department at for help.

Small business owners can use a Business package, to benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, as well as some enterprise-level tools to help them compete in the market.
With a business package you can buy a number, DID, or Toll-Free. We provide the ease of finding a number by State, Area Code.
You can also transfer an existing number or purchase a vanity number(s) for business.

Let's hope that doesn't happen, but you can port the number away or, we will suspend all incoming calls to you.

If you’ve forgotten your password, then you can restore your account through the “Forget your password”, link available on the login page.
If you’re a sub-user, then you can also request your business administrator to set a password for your account.
If your account has been suspended due to non-payment / other issues that may include violation of terms of services then you will have to Contact us at

NUMBERS  Have Questions?

You can use Lynk AI to look for a local number by state and area code.
You can receive a local or toll-free number, or search with vanity to get a one-of-a-kind number to represent your company.
When you create a new account, you will be provided with a number search and add the feature.
Existing account holders can add numbers by going to their dashboard and clicking "Order New Numbers," or by going to the "All Numbers" section under "My Numbers" and clicking the "Buy New Numbers" option.


As a user, you can turn off your number by changing the status to off.  Change the status to Off in My Numbers > All Number(s).

When your phone number is unavailable, Lynk AI' intelligent search feature learns and suggests the best choice for you.